To get your machines running again,

Materzok SFI is an expert on parts for industrial machines.

We offer spare parts for machining tools like CNC mills, grinders, lathes, agricultural tractors, and heat-treatment plants.

Operating for over 20 years in the heart of Europe, we gathered a lot of expertise regarding shipping and exporting worldwide.

Reliable & Available

Part shortages and shipping difficulties lead to manufacturing and repair downtimes, which can be expensive and cumbersome.
Our good contact to parts manufacturers ensures prioritized handling and thus availability.

Shipping specialist

Our shipments went all around the globe, multiple times.
Tolls and declarations are our daily business, so we know how to get your parcel to you as fast as possible, wherever in the world you are located.

Some parts
we offer

  • Machine Center spare parts
  • Cutting tools, inserts
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic tubes
  • Radiant tubes for heat treatment furnaces
  • Centrifugal casting tubes
  • Hot Gas circulating fan
  • WS Gas burner
  • Spare parts for heat-treatment plants
  • Wire rod mill spare parts
  • Heat exchangers & recuperators
  • Power Plants, boiler tubes

and many more. Please reach out to us with your needs and we try our best to suit them.


Our main brands we cooperate with are:

  • WS W√§rmeprozesstechnik Co.
    Specialized on highly efficient, low emission burner systems for industrial furnaces
  • UNICUT Wahl Co.
    High-performance cutting oils and spraying systems, MQL system
  • HEESS Co.
    HEESS is the world’s leading manufacturer of fixture hardening systems.

We also offer products from many other manufacturers, please reach out to us to find out more about them.

Our goal is to help and supply others with parts and products.
If you’re looking for help, please let us know via our contact form or directly over email.